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Mental Health Wellness

While we do focus on medication management, we require our clients to establish and maintain a relationship with a therapist or mental health counselor. If you don’t have a therapist/mental health counselor, please speak with us and we can refer you to our network of therapists.



Initial appointments for new clients can be anxiety producing. However, upon arrival you will be greeted with a calming and relaxed atmosphere. New client evaluations are priced per your evaluation. New client evaluations are typically 60 minutes. 

No medications is prescribed until evaluation has been completed.

​All appointments

Please choose your appointment and pay. if you cancel your appointment 24-48 hours prior, you will given the available next appointment. If you no-show your appointment, there is no refund for your money.

Follow up appointments for returning clients are typically 30 minutes.

We do not prescribe long term use of benzodiazepines. Our goal is to make you healthy and taper off such medications to avoid addiction.


To show our gratitude for the men and women who teach, care, serve and protect us daily, we offer 20% discounts on services provided by Amodeus healthcare will provide the following discounts:

  • All military personnel, active or Retired
  • All First Responders, including active and retired firefighters, EMS/EMT.
  • Nurses and other medical personnel
  • Teachers/School Ancillary Staff
  • Therapists
  • Students in Universities
  • Missionaries
  • Undeserved/underprivileged

***ID is needed for discount to be approved when applicable.***


Blood work may be required to monitor blood levels of certain medications and to monitor the body’s ability to maintain balance. Labs are ordered electronically through Quest and are directly sent to your provider after results return, this allows for best care practices and convenience to both providers and our clients.

Helpful Online Resources

Medical Emergencies In the event of a life threatening medical or psychiatric danger

Call 911. DO NOT WAIT!