A Compassionate Provider of Medical and Psychiatric Care


Dr. Tai Slyne

Dr Tai is a dual board-certified nurse practitioner and a Doctor of nursing practice (DNP) trained and experienced in providing both medical and psychiatric services to all ages.

She focuses her practice on mental health issues, substance detox and stress management outpatient care, health care professionals, men’s & women complementary services. She is interested in providing tele-psychiatric health care to established clients with busy schedules..

Practice Philosophy: I provide mental health care to assisted living home, SNF and long term care facilities. I also see adolescents, young adults, students, nurses and other professionals for mental health care. I have a local office in town of Londonderry to provide services to clients with busy schedules.

I want to help you achieve the best possible outcome in healthcare experience.

Board Certifications:
I received board certifications from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and American Nurse Credentialing Center

  •       Family Nurse Practitioner
  •       Psychiatric Mental Health

Education and Professional Background

  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

          University of Massachusetts

  • Post graduate Studies

Family Psychiatry , University of New Hampshire

  • Master of Nursing (MSN), University of New Hampshire

Family Nurse Practitioner

  • Bachelor of Science (BS) Psychology

Southern New Hampshire University

  • Diploma of Science in Nursing: Lagos University Teaching Hospital

Registered Nurse

  •  Post graduate Studies. Midwifery & Family Planning

Lagos University Teaching Hospital

Personal: Dr. Tai is active in her church, enjoys ministering to the sick. In her spare time, she also enjoys traveling within the United States and abroad. She enjoys meeting and creating new friendships from all over the world. She is born in United Kingdom, has traveled most of Africa and lived most of her life in United States. Her motto in life is, Love God and love others!

An Educational intervention for nurse practitioners to increase screening awareness and participation in colorectal cancer screening. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing.

Kennie Bassey

Kennie Bassey

Kennie works as a certified Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Family Practices and the urgent care. Her interest is in caring for all ages with an edge for preventative medicine in Occupational Health. Her role as one of the Business Partners in the Health, Safety & Wellbeing Department is in managing the Occupational Health & Employee Assistance Programmes.

Practice Philosophy: She focuses on primary care of families, offers a comprehensive occupational safety, health and wellbeing service to customers and employees. Her emphasis is very much on pre-emptive advice and to this end her services include inspections, full audits, risk assessment investigations and occupational health.

Education & Professional Background

Kennie gained her Bachelor of Science with Honours at the University of Greenwich UK and completed her Postgraduate diploma as a Physician Associate and Masters in Clinical Sciences at the School of Medicine at the University of  in UK.

University of Birmingham UK

  • Physician Associate
  • Master of Clinical Sciences

University of Greenwich

  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) Occupational Health & Safety
  • Diploma in Industrial Studies

Rochford School of Nursing UK

  • Registered Nurse

Lagos University Teaching Hospital

  • Diploma of Science in Nursing
  • Post graduate Studies. Midwifery & Family Planning
    Registered Midwife

Personal:  Kennie worked rigorously to bring about a significant contribution to the prevention and reduction of ill health in the workplace, winning her the 2013 National Occupational Health UK Award for her recognition in improving the health of employees and reducing absenteeism...making every day count!

She is born in United Kingdom, has traveled throughout European, Africa and lived most of her life in United Kingdom.

She is an avid reader and a prolific writer.

She is hoping to achieving her Doctorate in mental health.

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose”

“The fulfillment of a well lived life is that the life has well served others and become a fountain for others to drink from”….Kennie Bassey